Aug 30, 2011


what are you
how did i fall for you

i knew it was not my thing

they call love is bliss
do you know what i miss

the feeling is so strange
in love you can push me of the edge

my heart feels its in a cage
in my dreams you are the only image

my memories just stand still
i enjoy this thrill

i need you
and that is my will


Aug 19, 2011


at times your breezy
at times your noisy
you are the wind

for you are the wind
your anger causes the storm
you dont follow any rules nor norm

at times your fast
at times your slow
you are the wind

for you are the wind
you are a battering soul
where things get lost as a whole

at times your gusty
at times your dusty
you are the wind

for you are the wind
thou shall blow
when the moon shall glow

hey wellington wind
thou shall blow
in your respect we bow

written by


when you were near
i never had to fear

took us away
for iam farway

brought us near
for facebook is here

in life are forever
please dont forget me ever

the sun may shine
maybe it may rain
friends may we remain

gone are those days
in my dreams
memories just flow as streams

written by


Do i beleive in the saying?
When life throws lemons at you make lemonade.well honestly lemons,from when did life start throwing lemons at us due to the recession and so called GDP(gross domestic product)growth. Life has changed its tactics too.Life doesnot throw lemons anymore instead anything and everything that it could get its hand on.

No matter what is being thrown upon us .what we tend to do varies upon every individual.what would i say when life threw lemons at me .Trust me i would grab it and throw it back saying i donot have time to make lemonade,instead why dont you throw lemonade in a bottle so i can just energise myself. honestly thats me.

So whatever is thrown at us we just move on . dont we? so theres a optimist in everyone of us.well so you heard me sometimes in life no matter what is being thrown. we have to move on by moving on, we tend to learn to master the outcome in doing so.we learn a lesson.That reminds me of Winston Churchills quote . A pessimist sees a difficulty in every oppurtunity and A optimist sees an oppurtunity in every difficulty.

The difference between the height of optimism and the height of pessimism is nowhere to be found but within us.The next time WLTL happens .oh I mean When Life Throws Lemons.I am going to make a milkshake.

written byDinesh


born in the summer solice
at a roll of a dice
life took a turn real nice
destiny will just do its malice

lifes toll i couldnot elude
for years rolled in solitude.
loosing many things on the way
gainning lifes insight bye the way

feel like a nomad
walking down the road
the town so bright
the night up here so quiet

i had a strange feeling
for iam a human being
twilight was touching down
answers i should have known

you are who you think

written by


caring is what a mother does
is all your feature
oh i ask you mother nature
there are so many creatures

destruction ,demolition you lead them to extinction
is there a purpose for all this action
as humans we regret with emotion
oceans,seas,rivers and streams
you demolish most of our dreams

your power so fierce
you cause so many fears
and finally you leave us in tears
oh mother nature...

by dinesh


earthquakes may test your will
i know its hard to stand still
mother nature may leave you in tears
people of christchurch have overcome their fears

for all this has to end
in your determination a message you send
christchurch will rise up
for the people put their heads up

A big salute to the people who never giveup
the nation gives you a big thumbs up
we never know what will happen tomorrow
people of christchurch
know how to overcome their sorrow

younger generation in christchurch are strong
for i can hear them say bring it on
in hope we move forward
from now on no turning backwards..

remembering the lost souls ..


you walked through the door
when i was on the floor
i love to say i like you
for iam afraid you may say no thank you

you swept me with your smile
time went slow as the snail
for i want to tell you dont miss me
in my dreams you just kiss me

i want to be frank
when you touch me i go blank
my mind says dont worry
i think lets not hurry

for i thought relationships end in pain
if i dont tell you everything ends in vain
if i miss you its your gain
i dont want to catch the last train

please excuse me iam sorry
i hope this is not the end of our story..

written by


for you are from ireland
got to meet you at newzealand
you look like the girl in alice in wonderland
ok after reading this you are in dreamland

it was nice working with you
for people like you are few
may the god bless you
writing a poem for someone is new

enjoy this life dear
trust me you have no fear
i hope your dreams come true
you were the best amongst the crew

life gives you no clue
donot regret for what you do
time moves on
change goes on

always have fun
happiness is big as the sun
for you may leave
in your memories we remain

to the person who rekindled my inspiration to write poems again.....


My thoughts are on the inside
For you are on the outside

On the horizon we go on a horseride
I know we can talk on the beachside

You walk with me on the roadside
At times you change side

In my life you are always beside
In my memories you reside

For you are the shadow
Always by my side


by dinesh(6/8/2011)