Aug 19, 2011


Do i beleive in the saying?
When life throws lemons at you make lemonade.well honestly lemons,from when did life start throwing lemons at us due to the recession and so called GDP(gross domestic product)growth. Life has changed its tactics too.Life doesnot throw lemons anymore instead anything and everything that it could get its hand on.

No matter what is being thrown upon us .what we tend to do varies upon every individual.what would i say when life threw lemons at me .Trust me i would grab it and throw it back saying i donot have time to make lemonade,instead why dont you throw lemonade in a bottle so i can just energise myself. honestly thats me.

So whatever is thrown at us we just move on . dont we? so theres a optimist in everyone of us.well so you heard me sometimes in life no matter what is being thrown. we have to move on by moving on, we tend to learn to master the outcome in doing so.we learn a lesson.That reminds me of Winston Churchills quote . A pessimist sees a difficulty in every oppurtunity and A optimist sees an oppurtunity in every difficulty.

The difference between the height of optimism and the height of pessimism is nowhere to be found but within us.The next time WLTL happens .oh I mean When Life Throws Lemons.I am going to make a milkshake.

written byDinesh

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