May 15, 2014

A Cafe and A Chef

Intrepid journey 

Journey's become the most intrepid part and parcel of our live's 
For  mine had started ,a while ago, a long while ago.
Achievement or will it be derailment 
Time will tell 
Until then the 
Journey is to enjoy!!!
To get where you are today and to get where you will be tomorrow,
Nonetheless, lies in yourself !!!
And it does take Patience ,Persistence and Perseverance. 
 Remember one thing and one thing only 
Anything is possible 
If you put you heart and soul into it!!!
Put your focus on one thing
 Just get better tomorrow,
 Than you are today!!!
Worry not for 
Have's and havenot's
And the road looks open ahead!!!

Haven't been in touch with most of the outside world.
To all my friends and family 
I guess its high time 
I said 
A big thank you
To one and all

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