Oct 14, 2011

Writing -An Awakening

Writing for a blog has unleashed a new spirit in me. And the spirit had taken me away to the library for the past week .I have been reading book after book about writing. Three books that I have on hand are A History of Writing by Albertine Gaur, the story of writing by Andrew Robinson and To Tell the Truth by Connie D. Griffin.

I am awestruck after reading these books. Honestly, I started writing just to echo out my thoughts, poems and feelings. Neither did I know down the road I would be so fascinated by writing that, I have started gathering information about the origins of writing to where it has reached now.

Seriously now I want to explore more about writing, for which I have been doing a lot of Reading. I now believe reading enhances writing skills. I myself can tell the difference when I read blogs, Newspapers, Articles, Magazines, Books. It has showed me different styles of writing.

What an awakening writing has been to me. There’s no second thought from now. I have taken writing more serious now. Will I get better .All I can tell is, I am going try and try and try to get better.

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  1. Congratulations on reaching this defining point on your writing journey.

    All the best
    Jack Edwards