Oct 3, 2011

Boundaries or Barriers its all about Writing

I was walking to my work couple of days ago. I happened to pass by a tunnel it was 4:00 am in the morning ,As I set foot into the tunnel a moment of doldrums struck me .I started moving forward step by step each step i took i thought i could analyze my life and mysteries surrounding me.call it a moment of despair. couple of big strides and i was moving into darkness that’s when i went into a apprehensive state and gave myself a nudge saying to myself in life you might end up in situations like these most of the time. Then i remembered no matter what there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Halfway through the tunnel i reassured myself, if i can get through this tunnel and see light at the end of the tunnel i would always savor this moment to gain strength and courage in every aspects of my life. And i took pride in marching forwards by now i could throw away all the inhibiting thoughts that were hindering me. I was more focused on reaching the end of the tunnel .As i gazed at my watch at the end of the tunnel it was 4:22 AM. I made it through to the end .It might have taken me 22 minutes to reach the end.

Sometimes to become a good writer one should try to get the readers feel absorbed to what you present to them. Just write don’t worry about the outcomes of who follows your blog or who read it .Everything comes with practice, the more you write the better you get. Readers will follow if your work gets better and better. Is it just me or everyone who write ask themselves what kind of a writer they should become. Is it going to be that hard to write, what you think or what you for see. Honestly i don’t know the rules of writing. But i give my heart and soul when it comes to writing. I guess a writer has no boundaries or barriers.
Its just all about writing

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