Sep 27, 2011

Joy of writing

Writing is of interest to me always. My friends ask me how? All I tell them is. I just write there’s no full stop for my imagination. I put my pen on paper and it just flows, I don’t know how but trust me. Take a paper and pen and start writing and just see what happens, who knows you could be the next Dan Brown or J K Rowling. There might be a William Wordsworth in the hiding or there might be a Jane Austen in the making.

When I started writing for this blog.My friends asked me what do I get in writing and when do I write? I enjoy writing and the thought process of what i get out of writing is hard to explain. For in simple human terms I would say, It is like love you just feel it .I write on my commute in the bus.At times Before I go to sleep. Sometimes when I wake up .And at times whenever I feel like. There’s no special occasion to write so I
just add along a small rhyming poem that I wrote when I was writing this blog.

A writer's rhyme

Writing is my long term vision
For I am on the way of my mission.

Pen and Paper work in unison

I willnot stop for any reason
I willnot stop for any season

May be I wish if people ask me when do I not write?
I would say, may be you can tell me .If you keep following my blog.


  1. As you say writing is its own end.
    I write for its own sake.

  2. I hope to see more of you're writing soon!
    Namaste : )