Sep 18, 2011

My reasoning for a relationship.

Relationship,why does it end with ship?May be someone wanted it ironically compared to a ship.When a ship starts sailing from the harbour,every thing seems to be perfectly fine.Same can be said in a relationship and you fall head over heels in love, everything seems to be perfectly fine.

The ship enters the sea ,where everything changes .Same can be said about relationship.everything starts to change.Now that the ship has entered the sea.Someone has to take control but heres the deal the person who lets go of the ego gains the upperhand..heres where trouble starts in a relationship.sacrifices are necessary in the ship sailing smoothly.when one person lets go.and helps in directing the ship and the other taking control.the ship gains control.That was just the start..

Now that someone lets go..nature turns its forces to see who controls who and testing the influences its forces ..high tide..low tide...storms.big waves etc...likewise a relationship takes a beating due to natures test.its times like these how people guide their relationship through sadness,happiness,failures.success,etc.get to stand the test of time and change..a realtionship without compromises might not reach the destination and sinks .

hence i think it ends with ship..

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