Sep 15, 2011

Writing the journey within..

My morale was on an all-time low. I thought am I getting somewhere or am I just getting stuck in time. I had been intimidated by failures. Every time I took one step forward I had been pushed two steps back. Everything I tried to do, I always ended up on the losing side. All I wanted to do was share, how i felt about myself to someone. But i was ashamed to do so. What if i share it to someone? What would they think of me? When I just wanted to cry out loud saying. Why is life so unjust to me? And when all of this was happening. I started writing a Journal. And i found solitude in writing.

I wrote and wrote about what was happening to myself and i shared everything through writing. Writing has definitely made me ease up and has made me take note of my other side which I have been pushing aside for a while. It all started with a small poem I wrote about how I felt about myself. Since then I haven’t looked back. I always needed that extra push when doing something .one thing blogging and writing has helped me to gain is Self-Motivation.

It is not when, where, why or how you start .If you get around to start it, that by far is a stepping stone to moving forward I would say. I really enjoy writing; you don’t have to make any set rules or topics for writing. Just start and then see where you stop. As of now one thing, I am sure of is I don’t know when, where, why or how my journey started I am not looking forward to the destination. I am going to enjoy my Journey with writing.

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