Sep 7, 2011

IPOH -what you have to know ?

Life isn't about finding yourself.Life is about creating yourself.You know it took me a few minutes to realise,what if one cannot find themselves first what chances do they have in creating themselves.If we donot love ourselves.what chances do we have in creating the image that we love to create. All i think is .Is it all about happiness.Its not being happy all the time is it?

For you cannot be happy all the time.It means you have to be happy with what we have .Thats the hardest thing for we humans. we cant be happy with what we have. So what does it take to be happy?Happiness is big as the sun,you cannot go near the sun.So we need to learn to enjoy the warmth by learning to love what we have everyday.Onefine day i will be happy .how long will it take to reach that day depends on noone but us.most of the self help books you find make promises you can be happy all the time.

Time is what play's a major role in dwindling our happiness. Happiness can come to you in much lesser time as long as we learn to appreciate things around us.but you will have to go around doing things to acheive it.And start appreciating and thanking on our way .The idealogy of creating ourselves or cremating ourselves is a thin line .Nothing comes without a price.

To achieve happiness the sacrificie's ,the chance's and the choice's we take lead us one step closer In Pursuit Of Happiness.

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