Sep 21, 2011


Who says you need near death experience to change our lives around. Not everyone are lucky to get a second chance . There always will be another day. But will we get to see another day does not lie in our hands.

All we need to do ,to get hold of life is make every opportunity count.May be we get different choices but chances are you have the moment to make it count. All we need is a change in our Attitude. A change can be small or big. But a change that’s all.

we need to look at ourselves.Don’t look for inspiration elsewhere. Look at yourself in the mirror. Once in a while you need to turn back and see where you have reached and where you were. Moments like these help us restructure our lives .

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

Famous quote by Mohandas Gandhi


  1. Good One.... Keep up the good work, in the present scenario, we tend to forget the ART of writing. You are with MY mindset.

  2. ennada writing blogs..good machi ..keep rocking